Welcome to Mini OSA. This means ‘small girl bear’. The idea is that since I am a mother and on the short side, I am Mini Osa. My name is Audrey Hanes.  Besides being a realtor in the San Diego area, I have an Etsy shop for the mala necklaces that I hand make. Two sweet little ones run around my household making me want to shut my door once in a while and just go ‘Internal’, which for me, means reading…  Sharing interesting, fun and useful information are at the center of this site. Curiosity compels me to research and write about topics such as: parenting, cooking, science, and things that make me happy. The wish for all is to make a space for inspiration and desire, both for inside the home and beyond. 

In addition to learning about interesting real estate topics and some how to’s posts, you will find tips for navigating a simple, humble and fulfilling life.  Please visit often to discover new things or get inspired to keep searching for what is truly yours; to explore your heart.

 Thank you for stopping by. Your time is valued here. Take good care of yourself. With love&hugs, Mini OSA.

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